Titans Eve - Destined To Die

from Happy Metal Annihilation! Vol. 2 by Asher Media




track from 'Life Apocalypse' album released July 13, 2012

R.I.Y.L. = Trivium, Exodus, Machine Head, Evile, Lazurus A.D., Overkill, Arch Enemy, Mastodon

Video - Divided We Fall, (live from Paris, France on tour w/ Arch Enemy) - youtu.be/fOgRQ3lXb-U

Video - Road To Ruin , ((live from Paris, France on tour w/ Arch Enemy) -http://youtu.be/08ivf7hrb78)

“The Canadians’ sophomore retains the thrash shapes of their debut but also allows more room for melody and lyricism to flow, adding an emotive strength to the introspective tales of the human condition, destiny and personal struggle…if the Mayans were right and 2012 is the year we face the apocalypse, Titans Eve are more than an adequate soundtrack.” 4/5 – Terrorizer Mag

“One metal act that should be hitting your radar if it hasn’t already is Canadian thrashers TITANS EVE…The sophomore album from TITANS EVE, “Life Apocalypse” is a tempest. It seldom slows and it’s to the band’s credit they know how far to push and make a statement then summon back their typhoon to leave their listeners breathless…”Overcast”, ”Destined to Die”, ”Road to Ruin”, ”Divided We Fall” and”The Abyss” are some of the fastest and fiercest metal tracks you’ll hear this year.” Blabbermouth.net

“Titans Eve is up there with the best Canada has to offer.” – Metallian.com

“Best of all, the hooks on this record are enormous, with none of the eleven tracks feeling like a throwaway. The tunes are so insistent and contagious that it feels like they fly by: you’ve got the Mastodonian stomp of “Destined to Die”, the Maiden-esque guitar melody that sneaks into the thunderous “Road to Ruin”, the melodic thrash of “The Abyss”, the crushing mid-tempo groove that dominates the chorus of “Life Apocalypse.” – MSN.com

“Vancouver’s TITANS EVE have really hit a sweet spot with their second album. ” – Bravewords.com

“Vancouver-based thrashers Titans Eve strike the perfect balance between tuneful, old-school, ’80s–style metal and the more extreme variants that came to dominate in the ’90s on its latest, Life Apocalypse. ” – The Georgia Straight (Vancouver, BC Weekly)

“Titans Eve have kicked their technical proficiency into high gear, delivering an exceptional album of brilliant, horrifyingly astute and elegantly written material; the lyrics are grim poetry set to cruel, brutal and mathematically precise orchestration…The songs “The Abyss”, the title track “Life Apocalypse”, “Hollow Gods” and “The Void” are outstanding on this disc, speaking brutal truth and cruel fact in untenably honest fashion, their individual tales riding well with the overall theme of this collection.” – Confront Magazine

“Titan’s Eve are being outed as one of the rising stars of the Canadian metal scene, and after a few listens to Life Apocalypse, their second album, it’s easy to see why. In fact it’s easy to see this youthful quartet busting the whole darn planet apart within the next five years if they can maintain – or, better yet, improve upon – the quality of material found on Life…Make no mistake this is big time metal, delivered with class and conviction that’ll draw you in after just one listen and keep you in its thrall forever.” – MetalAsFuck.net

“In an age where a plethora of thrash bands are focussing all their energies on trying to recapture the sounds of the 80′s, it’s great to hear a forward thinking, ambitious thrash metal outfit. Canadian Titans Eve have all the essential thrash ingredients in their sound, but they’re trying to forge something original in those flames. Their songs are laced with robust melody, captivating guitar-intricacies, and truly memorable and striking passages, while the powerful vocals of Brian Gamblin provide an imposing focal point. Titans Eve are a genuinely exciting proposition, and Life Apocalypse is quite a superb album deserving of much recognition. 4.5/5″ - Zero Tolerance Magazine

“After a brief acoustic intro, Life Apocalypse really gets fired up and under way with “Destined to Die”, a real thrashing, head banging song that sets the pace for the rest of the disc. The combination of old school metal influences with more current metal sensibilities is just aurally stunning. These guys have created an album that kicks some serious ass from start to finish; I was fully engrossed in it from the beginning.” – PureGrainAudio.com


from Happy Metal Annihilation! Vol. 2, released December 14, 2012


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